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Been waiting for this a long time.

Lol quite funny

Well, I think is really funny add to the humor and everything the second guy lol, and the loop, I give you some applause.

Dude nice

I like the way you do flash, wish I had flash but is too expensive, I making a flash at school using their programs but slow process and now it's summer.

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Playing these games for years, another classic. Keep up the good work.


Epic Drawings, any ideas on how to make drawings 3D like yours, mine drawings are to 2D.

Great Game!

Have not got to Wave 40, but not a game over just paused the game.

Overall great game similar to the last ones Tom and MindChamber made, you know same weapons and returning features.
-Returning features, the weapons (might be nerfed ), Pick up weapons, double jump, same game mechanics, melee attacks (boot and punch). Like on how you float while falling down form a jump.

Artwork, Nice to see the same thing over again, Yellow Mustard Spec Troopers, Agent Smith, Zombies, The clown, and of course basic ones.

Weapons: Desert Eagle (Did not used this to much, but great power against like one dude. One dude kill with DEagle like 4-5 bullets left.
M60 Machine Gun (Great and with auto ammo grab- leaves you with a lot of ammo and pretty common, great for any wave (but not recommended with zombie.
P90- Pretty much the same, but adds tons of ammo if you decide to beat the game with (but M60 better)
Mortar Launcher- Think it's nerfed, needs two mortars to kill one Mustard guy, but great weapon to pick up once your main weapon is gone.
Shotgun- Good weapon, full auto and kills 2-3 guns in a blast. But however gets hard to use after reaching Wave 28+ (where 5-6 guys are in your faces causing unable to shoot.
Flamethrower- By far great for crowd control and further waves, 5-6 guys are after you leaving most of the weapons useless when the AI just spam on fire. Unless you can dodge bullets. Flamethrower just good for crowd control.

Zombies (a bit easy just spam jump kick and win the level without getting hurt.

Pretty easy at waves 1-25 (but after that 5-6 guys stop you form shooting and needs a lot of HP upgrades to survive. Weapon refills are harder to get into the levels leaving with sometimes noting to defend with, great if you decide to upgrade Hank's Punches. Need more tactical and more thinking to reach wave 40. It's not hard and could be done with no turrets.

Kind of helpful and each waves gains a pretty a lot of money leaving Hp reliable.
Strength Upgrade (pretty easy to get a weapon while you run out.
Speed- not really most of the time you will be shooting.
Tripe Jump- Don't know but for me great for jumping though a crowd/

Final Words.
Just plain fun.

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..Awesome! Wet Salty Tacos.

A great remix.
RIP TheGimpsta Yea, this author passed away.

just got a boner .

You just made my day.
A great remix.
RIP TheGimpsta Yea, this author passed away.

But however I say the sound is a bit messy.

Nice-Damn Epic.

Childhood (of course playing pokemon at 1995. at school trading all types of pokemon. At highschool lots of nerds (including me were playing it) and we usually put local tournments.
And play the game at full volume!

Sheizenhammer Rules- Ask him for Great Guides.


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